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5 Reasons Valencia Should Be On Your Bucket List

Valencia's museum

A City Still Scattered With The Orange Trees That Made The Name Famous.The City Proudly Responsible For The Famous Paella Dish And A City Full Of Hidden Gems And Magnificent Architecture.  Valencia; The Third Largest City In Spain Could Rival Its More Famous Counterparts In Barcelona Or Madrid Thanks To Its Incredible Architectural Beauty, Love For Parties (And Siestas!), Traditional Roots And City-To-Beach Diversity. If You Are A Die-Hard Party-Lover Or An Architectural Enthusiast, Valencia Is Guaranteed To Have Something That Will Leave You Wanting To Come Back For More.

Still Need Some Convincing? We’ve Compiled A List Of 5 Reasons Why Valencia Should Be On Your Bucket List!



Food is an integral part of the Spanish culture with the typical style of food being traditional Tapas. This is no different in Valencia. Food is a strong part of the Valencian culture and part of this date back to many, many years ago when the Valencian Paella was invented, eventually being transformed into many different versions (seafood, vegetarian etc.) and becoming a famous Spanish dish served across the globe. Traditional Valencian Paella is cooked using rabbit, chicken, snails & beans and served in a large Paella pan straight to your table.

Tapas are also incredibly traditional and widely found throughout Valencia. In fact, to get an amazing experience of the true Spanish style of consuming Tapas, take a trip to the Central Market. Valencia’s Central Market is a Spanish market with traditional Spanish cuisine such as Jamon Iberico (galore), straight from the boat fresh seafood, Spanish Tortilla (omelette) and so much more! You can sample all sorts of food, wine and beer (and even olive oils) throughout the market or just stand around and order some Tapas like a true Spaniard. The market is incredibly popular and is visited by hundreds of people each day. If you’re feeling lucky, you might even find a corner to enjoy some online casino classic slots while savoring the flavors of Spain!

Have we made you hungry yet? Why not let a local guide you through the food scene by taking one of our Tapas Tours !?

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An incredible feat in Modern Architecture, the City of Sciences and Arts complex in Valencia is made up of an IMAX Cinema, Science Museum, an open air Aquarium, a stunning Opera House, a towering bridge over the Turia Park riverbed and a concert space. The complex was designed by the famous Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava and is considered one of the Twelve Treasures of Spain.

The style of architecture takes on such a futuristic look that it was even featured as a key location when filming the science-fiction themed Tomorrowland movie, starring George Clooney who described the complex as “amazing”.

To truly appreciate this complex and its magnificent buildings, take one of our free guided New City Walking Tours and our guides will let you in on their knowledge behind the buildings unique designs. You will be surprised to learn just what inspired these incredible works of art!

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Once upon a time a river ran through the city of Valencia until the Great Flood in 1957 struck and the government made the decision to re-route the river, creating the incredible 7km recreation park that snakes through the city today. Perfect for jogging, cycling, yoga and relaxing, the park is designed to offer something new and diverse for everyone to enjoy. It is filled with children’s playgrounds (kids must visit Gulliver Park along the riverbed!), lush gardens, artwork, sporting facilities, walking and cycling tracks.

The park is one of the most visited spots in Valencia, beginning at the Bio Park (a safari-like zoo) and ending at the City of Sciences and Arts. You will also have the chance to relax during a visit to the riverbed at the end of our free walking tours.

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Spaniards love to party and in Valencia is no exception to the rule! If there is an excuse for a party, Valencian’s will find it and put it to good use. During the Summer months (well, most months of the year, actually), the city is alive with marching bands, parades and nightlife (day drinking is a pretty big thing, too…). Whether it be Valencia’s biggest annual festival, Las Fallas, attracting over 2 million visitors to the city from March 15th – 19th each year for a 5 day party, throwing tomatoes, or just a public holiday nobody has ever heard of, Valencia is always up for a party (and an excuse to have the day off work).

We love to party too, so join one of our guided Party Tours to get in on the nightlife scene in Valencia!

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It’s no secret the Spanish history is often quirky, strange and sometimes just downright odd. One visit to Valencia and you will see this history meshed with an equally unique style of architecture. Buildings in Valencia are inspired by a diverse range of architectural styles ranging all the way from Romanesque to Modernism.

Studying the details on each building will uncover hidden gems, obvious (but hidden) crude humour stemming back to days of oppression, and stunningly brilliant artwork. Valencia’s unique architecture style’s are what makes the city such a pleasure to wander.

Join our old city walking tour and take a wander around the city streets, visit stunning historic buildings and learn the quirky details of Valencian history.

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There Are Many, Many More Reasons Why Valencia Should Be Included In Your Bucket List, Including Its Beautiful Beach Scene (Yep, Valencia Is A City With A Beach!) But You’ll Find That Out Once You Find Yourself Among The Magical Vibes Of The Cities Unique Lifestyle!

Article by Rebecca Jenkins

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