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Your Ultimate Guide To Las Fallas!

Las Fallas in Valencia

Las Fallas Festival – a time where noise barriers are pushed beyond their limits, weird and wonderful structures come to life in the city streets and Valencia’s population triples, creating five days of non-stop epic fiesta’s! If you’ve found yourself amongst the hustle and bustle of Valencia’s streets just in time for this years’ Fallas…

5 Reasons Valencia Should Be On Your Bucket List

Valencia's museum

A City Still Scattered With The Orange Trees That Made The Name Famous.The City Proudly Responsible For The Famous Paella Dish And A City Full Of Hidden Gems And Magnificent Architecture.  Valencia; The Third Largest City In Spain Could Rival Its More Famous Counterparts In Barcelona Or Madrid Thanks To Its Incredible Architectural Beauty, Love For Parties…

Spain Just Became The 2Nd Most Visited Country In The World!

A village in Spain

But Why? Spain has fast become one of the hottest tourist destinations on the planet. Overtaking the US as the second-most visited country in the world, behind France, in 2017 and attracting over 82 million visitors in the year alone, but we’re asking the question – why? Is it… The Climate

5 Reasons Why Free Walking Tours Are The Best Way To Travel!

a girl in front of a wall

The first step in travelling is booking your ticket. The next step, getting to your destination, and the next? Exploring! But what’s the secret to really experiencing a new city? How about joining a free walking tour? WHAT IS A FREE WALKING TOUR ANYWAY? A free walking tour is just that, a free tour around…