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Tapas Private Tour

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Group from 2 to 6 people
Price per person
Group from 7 to 12 people
Price is per person

Taste the Best Tapas in Valencia!

We hope you’re hungry! This Valencia walking tour is your chance to eat your way through all the classic Spanish tapas you’ve always wanted to sample!

You’re sure to enjoy a tasting tour of local products through the Central Market of Valencia, one of the largest modernist European markets. This spectacular building is mainly home to food vendors with delicious, fresh local delicacies. There are also souvenir shops and sit-down restaurants in the market as well.

On this Valencia tasting tour, we pass through three unique establishments to enjoy tastings of sweets, oils, cold meats and cheeses as well as try the traditional tortilla skewer.

The visit ends at a restaurant near the market where you get to taste a dish of  Valencian paella including a local drink.

Your taste buds will thank you for booking this tapas tour! Reserve your tasting tour online!