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New City Private Walking Tour

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Discover Valencia’s New City!

Valencia’s Old City is well worth a visit with its 2,000 years of rich history and scenic areas. But that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a chance to tour the New City! Valencia is ever-evolving, and some of the city’s newest spots are ripe with culture and fresh discoveries at every turn.

The Valencia walking tour starts in the old riverbed of El Turia and takes a route along the river. Visit the most prominent spots along the river and discover the history of its bridges and the creation of the gardens. The Turia gardens make up one of the largest urban parks in Spain, winding through the city with kilometers of open space like places to have a picnic, sporting areas, and paths for joggers, cyclists, and more. Guests are sure to enjoy walking through this urban green space.

The tour finishes at the jewel of Valencia, the City of Arts and Sciences, an architectural and cultural complex that is one of the most important modern tourist attractions in Valencia. Here, guests listen to a detailed description of its workings and architecture.

This Valencia walking tour is without a doubt the best way to enjoy the city to the fullest. Reserve your spot online!