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Gincana Private Tour

Quick Details

Group from 10 to 60 people
Price per person

Discover the Old Town of Valencia!

Get to know Valencia through a little friendly competition! Compete through the center and old town of Valencia, passing different tests while getting to know the city.

We’ll divide the group into subgroups and give you an envelope with the different “missions” that must be completed along with a map of the city.

These “missions” are of didactic character, informing participants of different cultural, artistic, and historical aspects of the city. These clues are adapted to your ages and interests.

You will have a specific amount of time to find all the necessary answers, with the help of our friendly guides to solve them if they become too challenging.

The first team that finishes with all the correct answers will be the winner and in turn will be awarded. Without a doubt, this is the most fun way to get to know Valencia!

Join the competition! Book now!