New City Free Walking Tour Valencia (TUES & THURS)

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Since Valencia was founded, the river has been an important part of the City. Originally supplying safety to the Roman settlers to the more recent symbolism of liberty as a recreational area for everyone to enjoy.

By walking the river with us you will discover the development of the city and can fully enjoy one of Valencias most beautiful areas. You will find out about the amazing bridges that survived the great floods and continue down to the most important science complex in Spain - Valencia's City and Arts and Science Complex.

As the icon of Modern Valencia, the City of Arts and Science Complex is a large tourist attraction but with us you will uncover the hidden secrets about these superstructures that is unknown by the typical travellers.

Come and join our knowlegable and enthusiastic guides and uncover the New City in a way you will never forget!


Meeting Points

BARCELONA – WALKING TOURS – Plaza Real by the Water Fountain – PARTY TOUR – Kabul Hostel Bar on 1st Floor (Plaza Real 17)


VALENCIA – WALKING TOURS & PUB CRAWLS – Plaza de la Virgen by the Water Fountain (Look for the guides with yellow backpacks)


For any further information or to contact us directly please call

BARCELONA - +34 610 295 921

VALENCIA - +34 691 698 884

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